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DRaaS can take you from failure to failover—faster.

Unplanned disruptions happen. Here’s how planned restoration happens—faster.

You can’t avoid disruptions altogether, unfortunately. But you can use them as learning opportunities. So now, as we slowly emerge, the lessons of business continuity and disaster recovery planning are more critical than ever. And you know it’s about way more than merely backing up your data. It’s about maintaining and continually replicating so you can get back up to speed quickly, no matter the disruption.

Disarm disruption
With the business continuity strategy of a hybrid on-premise and cloud solution, you can expect the unexpected—and be ready for it. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) helps you plan, continually test and optimize that plan and continuously replicate and adapt. So you can get back to business as usual faster. And the idea is catching on quickly, too. One study shows that DraaS is in use by 45% of businesses around the world, with another 34% expected to get on board this year.

DraaS can help you restore and recover fast
Disaster recovery as a service is a hybrid service that helps you strategically back up data specifically for a speedier restoration after an unexpected disruption occurs. DRaaS uses a combination of image-based backup technology and virtualization. These “snapshots” of business systems are stored locally, as well as copied to the cloud so they can be mounted as virtual machines when disaster strikes. This virtual machine is the gas pedal that swiftly puts your business back in motion until the primary system is restored.

Access from anywhere is here to stay
Combined local and cloud solutions like DRaaS aren’t necessarily new, but the changes brought about over the past year have dramatically highlighted their benefits. For one thing, they mean that employees and customers can access your services from wherever they happen to be—which today is pretty much anywhere. With DRaaS, backups are no longer confined to local area networks. Which isn’t just smart IT. It’s smart business.

Disruptions can teach us. They can help us innovate and even transform the way we work. But you can’t predict when, where or how they might happen. So focus on what you can control now with Frontier Business Continuity planning. Together, we’ll help you plan for the best and prepare for the worst. And be ready to get back up and running faster than you thought possible. Explore our plans including DRaaS and receive an estimate in minutes.

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