Frontier Enterprise Network Security: Defend your network from the inside out

Increased Connectivity means increased threats. That's why Frontier Enterprise network security was designed to defend your data and business against the rise of scams, malware, ransomware, and cyberattacks. It's essential.

Prevention is just the beginning 

What does it take to secure your network? Hint: more than a good firewall and VPN policy. We can help you mitigate attacks—before, during and after they happen.



Deflect attacks before they happen when you start with our firewalls, cloud-delivered DNS protection, web and email filtering, and anti-malware. 



Network analytics with advanced AI alert you of suspicious activity to help stop attacks in their tracks—allowing you to prevent them from spreading.



In the event that an attack does occur, we can help you get up and running. Our business continuity solutions make your recovery efforts less painful and put you on the road to a swift recovery. 

Modern solutions to modern threats 

As vulnerable as you may be to attacks, you have the power to mitigate your exposure. And we can help.

As networks become more interconnected, enterprise network security tools need to be more innovative. Secure Edge + Branch simplifies security management while providing visibility across distributed and hybrid networks. 

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