Frontier Enterprise Unified Communications Solutions Serves 26 States

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Unified communications

Eliminate downtime and simplify your voice and data network with Frontier’s unified communications solutions. Now available in four distinct regions including western, central, southeast, and northeast United States.

Secure your network

Get fast, reliable Internet connections with private IPs - dedicated to your business to make your network secure!


Frontier Fiber for Small Business

Available in 26 states. See below to see if Frontier is available in your area.

Frontier Offers Fiber Across the United States

With 99.9% reliability, stop worrying about slow speeds and eliminate downtime with Frontier fiber for business.

Next Level Internet for Business

Get up to 50x faster upload speeds, 11x faster download speeds and 2.4x lower latency as compared to standard cable internet. Grow your business with Frontier fiber internet.