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The weight of the world is on you to set every student, teacher and library patron up for success. Our E-Rate specialists can guide you in understanding the federal funding available to fill the gaps in your bandwidth—and your budget—to improve student outcomes into the future.

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Help teachers teach and learners learn. With a network designed to meet your students where they are—and where they’re going. Frontier’s solutions scale with your needs to stay ahead of connectivity demands.

  • Certified reliability: Nearly 180,000 miles of fiber over our MEF 2.0 certified network
  • Low latency: Dedicated circuits with speeds up to 100Gb
  • High performance: 99.99% SLA
  • Budget-friendly billing: Service provider invoicing slashes your out-of-pocket costs
  • Serious savings: E-Rate smarts maximize your reimbursement

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We’ll help you maximize your potential access to over $4 billion in E-Rate federal funding.

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Initial qualification:

Determine your eligibility for the funding program. Determine the services for the eligible locations. Qualify by contacting the USAC/E-rate Customer Service https://www.usac.org/e-rate. Once qualified the applicant will receive an Entity Number for each location that qualifies. Request access to EPC (Erate Productivity Portal)

Competitive Bidding:

Once the applicant has received an Entity Number(s) and has gained access to EPC (Erate Productivity Center), they are ready for the competitive bidding process. This is known as the Form 470 or bidding process and is requested through EPC . This is a formal process to request services that have been identified and prospective service providers can review and submit bid responses accordingly. This process is designed to be fair and open regarding services and pricing. The applicant is required to select the most-cost effective provider based on THEIR bidding evaluation factors. The price carries the highest weight in the evaluation; however, price may NOT be the driving factor for the winning bid. Points of interest:


  • Bids must be posted during the open bidding season
  • Applicants must wait 28-days before selecting their service provider on or after the 29-day and signing a contract
  • The Form 470 is considered an RFP (Request for Proposal), however actual RFPs or additional documents may be uploaded to the Form 470.

Selecting the Service Provider

After the competitive bidding process closes (on or after the 29-day), a Bid Evaluation with deciding factors should be used to select the winning service provider.

Applying for the Funding

Once the service provider has been selected, applying for the funding is the next step in the process. This is done by completing the Form 471 or Service Provider Selection within EPC . Requirements in this step:

  • Entity Number(s) for the selected locations
  • National Center for Education Statistics (NES) and/or Federal-State-Cooperative Systems (FSCS) codes
  • Student counts or for libraries, the square footage, and the entity number of the closest public school
  • An alternative discount mechanism , when applicable
  • Contract for services requested, if newly contracted services.


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For schools and libraries facing funding gaps, E-Rate is the key that unlocks affordable internet connectivity, security and information services for all. For more than 20 years, Frontier has been a trusted E-Rate provider, helping organizations secure the funding and connectivity they need to communicate, educate and inspire. And we can help you, too.

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