Funding to help you modernize your network

Narrowing the digital divide should do more than just level the playing field: It should elevate it with fast, reliable connectivity to improve outcomes for all.

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The right partner to help you navigate the funding process

To ensure our healthcare facilities, schools and libraries have access to affordable high-speed connectivity, the federal government provides funding for broadband services. But finding the right resources for your unique situation can be daunting. So it helps to have a partner with healthcare, school and library IT expertise like Frontier Business. As an approved provider in your local community, Frontier will guide you to the right funding — and long-term solutions for your digital future.

You may be eligible for reduced rates on connectivity solutions

Your healthcare facility, school or library may qualify for reduced rates through one of these programs.

Rural Healthcare Program

Provides eligible rural HCPs and consortia with discounts on broadband connectivity and telecommunications services.

E-Rate Funding Program for Schools and Libraries

Provides discounts for telecommunications, Internet access and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.