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On guard and ever vigilant

Frontier Managed Firewall defends your entire network, from your perimeter to your applications, your data to your devices. With multiple layers of security measures, best-practice techniques for adaptive awareness and vigilant experts monitoring your network 24/7/365, our Managed Firewall allows you to redirect your resources to higher-value activities that support your business goals.

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Secure your success

Protect your entire network from threats at the edge to reduce risks and vulnerability and ensure optimal security and performance.

Customize to right-size

We help you customize from 12 managed firewall package options—combinations of four models and three service levels—each including SIEM. Plus vulnerability management add-ons.

Outsmart opportunistic threats

Be prepared for the latest cyberattack. Frontier reinforces your team with highly skilled security experts trained to stay ahead of evolving technology and expanding cyberthreats.

Add capabilities and cut costs

Arm your business with cutting-edge security hardware, software and monitoring. Partnering with Frontier fortifies your defenses while reducing your equipment, resource and training costs.

Free yourself to lead

Regain time to support business initiatives with your IT leadership. Frontier’s experts handle your routine maintenance and monitoring, freeing you for higher-value activities.

managed firewall add-ons

Customize your network security

Add vulnerability management to any Managed Firewall solution to spot vulnerabilities before they penetrate network boundaries, gateways or servers. This real-time intelligence proactively detects risks that can occur every time there is a change to your network or infrastructure.

Continuous Vulnerability  Management Regularly identifies and ranks vulnerabilities and provides remediation guidelines.
Ongoing Vulnerability  Management Establishes a baseline, ranks vulnerabilities, provides remediation steps and investigates network security every time you add a new component.

extend siem network-wide

SIEM for all devices

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is included with every Managed Firewall package. You can also add SIEM to your non-firewall devices to get threat monitoring and response analysis of firewall logs, and log maintenance and retention reports for all your devices.

Managed Firewall Resources

Protect your business from the latest threats with Frontier by your side. Learn how with the resources below.

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