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Connecticut Boarding School Increases Its Connectivity Capacity

Salisbury School was looking for a network to keep pace with the needs of its students and faculty members and turned to Frontier. Part of the challenge was future-proofing their network infrastructure to support ever-growing bandwidth requirements, security, and reliability needs.

Customer Challenges

The Salisbury School was experiencing bandwidth issues with their existing internet. Hybrid learning and Zoom meetings were becoming a standard element at the school, straining existing bandwidth. It was clear that internet capacity and reliability would be an increasingly important element of supporting the student and faculty. Between customer service issues, outages and the bandwidth shortage, Salisbury recognized they needed to entertain an alternative provider.

The Solution

Frontier already had fiber network running close to Salisbury School. We were able to provision the capacity via Dedicated Internet Access and achieve the performance requirements for Salisbury. According to their Director of IT, the level of professionalism, service, and insight the Frontier team brought when conducting their site-walk and consultation was outstanding. Frontier installed an additional 1 Gig dedicated internet connection to Salisbury School's existing capacity, providing increased bandwidth and added muchneeded redundancy in case of an outage. In addition, Frontier installed dual-power supplies via best-in-class gear to shore up reliability beyond the fiber itself.

Frontier was able to supply Salisbury School with enough bandwidth and redundancy to meet the high usage rates of their student body. The improved network solution has supported Salisbury's community for several years with no interruption.

“Frontier has proven to be an invaluable connectivity partner to the Salisbury School. Since installing the service almost a year ago, it's been reliable and of high quality.”

— Peter Raifstanger - Director of IT Salisbury School