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Multi-Site Connectivity


Can my enterprise network keep up with one pool of shared internet bandwidth?

While your team may be working from remote locations, they still expect to collaborate seamlessly and securely.
If they’re sharing resources through the public Internet or a legacy system, it’s one giant loss of productivity.

Keep it running smoothly

When your equipment and apps are connected, uptime is everything.

More bandwidth, now

It’s all too easy to exceed contract limits.

Growing at a cost

From performance and repairs to security, prices rise, especially with multiple vendors.

Security, everywhere

Broadband communication exposes your company. More locations, more entry points.


Multi-Site Connectivity

When your locations are seamlessly connected to each other, you can harness your collective bandwidth on a private and secure network that’s 100% focused on productive teamwork.

To maximize your productivity, your multi-site network should be high performing and reliable, while remaining private and secure. Anything less puts your business, and your customers, at risk.

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The Difference: Why Frontier Enterprise networking is better

Better connectivity.
Better productivity.

The Frontier Difference and Why It Matters
Secured sharing

Your sensitive, private data stays private—even from your other network traffic. Share and back up files and conduct business securely. Hello, peace of mind.

Seamless work across locations 

Instant messaging that’s truly instant, fast file sharing, smooth and uninterrupted video conferencing—that’s what we call effortless collaboration. 

Unlimited scaling

Add and adjust bandwidth and locations anywhere. Get speeds up to 100 Gbps* over our commercial-grade, coast-to-coast backbone delivering 99.99% guaranteed circuit availability and 4 hour Mean-Time-To-Repair.

Traffic prioritization

Give precedence to critical applications with 3 Class of Service (CoS) levels.

Effectively manage your network performance

Performance Service Level Agreements for frame delay (latency), frame loss (packet loss) and frame variation (jitter).

Make the complex less complex

We’ll never say it’s “easy,” but when you have an accountable IT partner backed by a team of experts 24/7/365, it sure is less complicated. Rest assured, you’re not in this alone. 

Enterprise networking solutions catered to you

  • Provides point-to-point connectivity between two locations
  • Great for mid-sized companies connecting a single location to headquarters

96% of enterprise IT pros expect network traffic to increase up to 150% or more in the next year. Network monitoring and capacity planning is critical for managing this growth.

Enterprise Management Associates’ “Network Management Megatrends 2020” report is part of an ongoing biennial study that tracks the evolution of enterprise network engineering and operations.

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MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certified

We're a standards-based partner tested against the requirements defined in the MEF service standards and specifications. 24/7/365 network monitoring by a dedicated team of experts with a competitive uptime service level agreement.