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Digitally Transform Your Datacenter 

Why datacenter transformation should be part of your digital transformation
Your data center is more than the infrastructure that helps bring your company’s mission and vision to life. It’s the engine room for the digital transformation we’re all focused on advancing in the new economy. So it’s no wonder a modern datacenter with updated equipment isn’t just a nice-to-have: For your enterprise to stay relevant, agile and performing at peak efficiency, it’s an absolute must-have.

Out with the old
Silos are so over. Digital transformation is about openness. And yet, traditional datacenter architecture depends on layers of siloed infrastructure. The traditional datacenter model includes complex hardware systems from years, even decades past. This model of infrastructure management relies on fragmented processes—many of which must be performed manually.

Connecting these legacy systems to modern applications across clouds, devices and the datacenter itself raises even more complex issues with security, compliance and availability. What’s more, traditional datacenter infrastructure is expensive to buy, even more expensive to maintain and challenging, if not impossible, to scale.

In with the new
Fundamentally changing how your enterprise operates and delivers value to your customers requires a whole new approach to your most fundamental systems. Change is hard. But a modern datacenter will make success in the digital economy easier to achieve.

 Consider a few IT benefits of a datacenter fit for the digitalization age: 

  • A software-defined, virtual, automated center is highly scalable and less prone to human error.
  • A faster, more efficient infrastructure allows for more consistent operations and smoother application management and delivery. 
  • Updated tools and technology further your reach across public and private clouds so you can more efficiently manage resources.
  • Built-in security protects data and apps across your entire infrastructure while meeting compliance requirements.

Change is hard
Upgrading legacy datacenters isn’t without challenges. According to Logocali’s Global CIO survey, 44% of CIOs believe complex legacy technology is a significant barrier to digital transformation.

Achieving modern datacenter agility, performance and security requires upgraded servers, processing and power. And those upgrades must be fully monitored to make sure system architecture isn’t compromised in the process.

Ultimately, the benefits outweigh the challenges. In the digital economy, things like fast-tracking innovation, driving agility and skyrocketing efficiency are table stakes. And “digitize or die” is more than a clever mantra—it’s true survival of the fittest. To expedite datacenter modernization is to expedite digital transformation. And the way we work.

As Jeanne Ross of MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research says, “Clearly the thing that’s transforming is not technology. The technology is transforming you.”* 

And when you put it that way, there’s no point in going backward. A modern datacenter will keep us on the path moving onward and upward.

Learn more about how to overcome the challenges holding you back from modernization—and in turn, digital transformation itself. No two datacenters are built the same. Our design team collaborates with you to review your current infrastructure, uncover your needs and even anticipate the ones you might face in the future. Together, we’ll create your unique IT infrastructure roadmap. And we’ll be there with you for the journey ahead.



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