Dedicated Internet Access vs Broadband 


A jargon-free guide to finding the right internet solution for your business

The way we work has changed in unimaginable ways. We Teams. We Zoom. Our digital footprints have never been bigger. As remote working persists and your business grows, do you have the right internet access to support the way you work today—and tomorrow? It’s a simple question, but the solution is often tangled in confusing technical jargon. Whether it’s a dedicated private link or a broadband connection, the best option is ultimately the one that aligns with the needs of your business.

What is Dedicated Internet Access?
Dedicated internet is a private network connection that provides consistent, guaranteed performance at all times. Speed, reliability and security remain high because it isn’t shared with other users.

What is Broadband Internet Access?
With broadband internet, your bandwidth is shared with other users. Speed and performance can be impacted by how many other users are simultaneously active in your area.

How do DIA and broadband compare?
When considering your options, it’s helpful to see the differences across several key factors.

Reliability and performance
With broadband, performance can vary depending on the time of day and number of active users sharing the connection at any given time. In contrast, direct internet is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing performance metrics like network latency, packet loss, uptime and repair timeframes—typically a four-hour median time to respond (MTTR) if there’s an outage. This ensures a high level of reliability and performance regardless of the time of day or number of users online in your area.

As a growing number of businesses employ a flexible workforce, send sensitive data to and from the cloud, and become increasingly e-commerce-driven, the need for robust security also rises. With teams collaborating from anywhere and everywhere—and on their own devices—shared public broadband leaves you open to outside threats and hackers. With dedicated internet, your entire network is safer from vulnerabilities because it’s private. Even when your employees are working from home.

How much is peace of mind worth to you? While broadband costs less, the benefits of direct internet access—reduced downtime, increased productivity, guaranteed performance and a higher level of security protection—can often justify the additional expense and lead to overall savings down the road.

Is DIA for everyone?
Like many business decisions, it’s about assessing the unique demands of your organization. Smaller companies that use the internet primarily for email, streaming and web browsing might not be impacted by a shared connection. But organizations that rely on cloud connectivity for collaboration and e-commerce may opt for the assurance of Dedicated Internet Access.

Additional perks of DIA include:
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • An SLA guaranteeing performance metrics, including uptime, packet loss, jitter, latency and repair time
  • High-performing and secure internet to support VoIP, securities trading, cloud applications and more

“If you're spending hundreds of thousands on payroll and operational costs, and thousands or tens of thousands on a lease, is internet access worth skimping on? If the internet is at all important to your business operations, and you do anything that utilizes high bandwidth, DIA should be on your radar as a good option.”


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