What is RingCentral?


Today, many organizations are embracing enterprise VoIP solutions to modernize their communication toolset. VoIP solutions (or Voice over Internet Protocol) uses internet connectivity instead of a traditional phone line to make and receive calls. This also means VoIP solutions can include other types of communication tools that traditional phone systems can’t, including video calls, messaging, contact center features, and more.

RingCentral is a premier enterprise VoIP solution preferred by organizations in many industries. Flexible and cost-effective, RingCentral is designed to deliver intelligent, connected experiences for customers and employees.

Let’s take a closer look. Exactly what is RingCentral?

RingCentral at a Glance

RingCentral is a complete VoIP communications platform. Backed with Frontier Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connectivity, RingCentral delivers an advance cloud phone system inside a single app so you can unify important conversations in one platform with:

  • Voice calling that seamlessly integrates with apps like Salesforce and Microsoft
  • SMS texting from a single number to keep your business information consistent
  • Faxing from any device—no hardware required
  • Messaging with personalized tabs, workflows and themes
  • Video calls with live AI transcription 

3 Ways RingCentral Can Help Your Enterprise

Frontier and RingCentral partnered to create a voice solution for organizations already using Frontier connectivity that want an enterprise VoIP solution. Here are 3 ways RingCentral can help your business:

  1. Make communications more mobile. RingCentral makes it possible to use communications tools wherever users are working on any device.
  2. Scale with ease. RingCentral lets you add new lines, devices and remote teams easily
  3. Connect apps and uncover insights. With built-in analytics and integrations, you can connect RingCentral to business applications to easily uncover actionable insights. 

If you’re looking to update communication tools across your organization, now’s the time. It’s never been easier for organizations to modernize their voice systems with enterprise VoIP solutions like RingCentral.

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