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What are Managed Network Services?

what are managed network services

Managed network services are growing in popularity with enterprises that want an updated network infrastructure without the capital investment and overhead. But exactly what are managed network services?

Managed network services outsource the monitoring and management of your network infrastructure to a trusted managed network services provider. This can include services like managed security, managed dedicated internet, managed Wi-Fi, and managed failover. 

What does a Managed Network Services Provider do? 

A managed network services provider oversees the function and performance on your network and its components. Many providers start by helping you design and implement an updated network solution. Once implemented, your provider organizes a team of experts to monitor your network around the clock. When they notice a network issue, they step in to resolve it. 

The biggest benefit managed network services offer to enterprises is the ability to focus on business objectives rather than network management. This is great for enterprises with limited in-house IT resources. But it’s also helpful for organizations with large IT teams that are more valuable when focused on business goals. Other benefits include:

  • Cost control. Typically, managed network services are billed monthly for more straightforward budgeting. 
  • Faster ROI. If you’re investing in new network solutions, choosing managed services can help to maximize your return on investment. 
  • Advanced technology. Your managed network service provider will keep your network updated with patches, fixes and upgrades.
  • Enhanced security. An up-to-date network is less vulnerable to security breaches than one with outdated technology. 
  • Increased productivity. At the end of the day, a high performance, highly available network means users can get things done more efficiently day-to-day. 

Does my enterprise need a Managed Network Services Provider?

How do you know if your organization could benefit from managed network services? Here are 5 signs to consider: 

  1. You have limited in-house IT resources. This can include a small IT team or a team with significant network management gaps that would be too costly to fill. 
  2. You want to unburden your IT team to focus on the business. Small or large, an IT team focused on enacting more strategic initiatives will benefit from moving network management off their plate. 
  3. It’s time to upgrade your network. Having a more up-to-date network helps shore up security vulnerabilities, be proactive against threats, and ensure compliance. 
  4. You want to be more competitive. Networks with high availability foster better productivity and efficiency to increase your organization’s competitive edge.
  5. You want guaranteed performance. Most managed network services come with SLAs (service level agreements) that guarantee performance standards such as uptime and mean time to repair (MTTR). 

Level up your network with Managed Network Services

Managed network services can help you take your network—and your organization—to the next level. Whether you’re looking for cost savings, better productivity, or more space for strategic initiatives, finding the right managed network service provider can change everything for the better. 

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