Connectivity / Professional Services

Walter Clark Connects Multiple Locations with Fiber & Managed Solutions

Walter Clark Legal Group has six locations in Southern California and specializes in personal injury. Their attorneys have recovered over $200 million for clients and the practice has a 95% success rate in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

The Challenge

The Walter Clark Legal Group needed to transition to the cloud to maximize connectivity, application access, and network performance across its six locations. However, they were working from T1 circuits that had been bridged together and only provided speeds around 3 Mbps. Since the organization hosted its case management and file system on-premise, it forced users at its six remote offices to access it via a VPN tunnel with unreliable connectivity.

The Walter Clark Legal Group was also looking to expand its call center. They required reliable dedicated fiber to grow, plus VoIP and cloud-based services.

The Solution

Walter Clark Legal Group wanted a single service provider for all offices in order to streamline implementation and issue resolution. Frontier's account representative developed a solution that included Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits over Frontier's fiber network for the main office and five remote offices. Frontier exceeded their expectations. Mr. Walter Clark found Frontier to be consistent and organized.

Customer Results

Today, Walter Clark Legal Group has transitioned to a new cloud-based case management system that includes a client portal where clients can log in with their mobile phone to upload documents, send messages, and check their case calendar—a solution that demands reliable bandwidth. According to their Chief Strategy Officer, they are dedicated to Frontier because their fiber technology is superior to most competitors.

Since switching to Frontier, the firm has had zero connectivity issues in their remote offices. Plus with better connectivity, they are designing a new remote work policy for employees preferring to work remotely with a plan to build in network redundancy with a combination of on-premise and cloud backup.

“Walter Clark is a superior law firm that needs superior technology, and Frontier has a superior product. Both sides appreciate each other and can grow together.”

— Joe Price - Chief Strategy Office Walter Clark