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Ethernet Vertical Case Study - Education

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Upgrading the Higher Education Learning Experience

Leading educational institutions are committed to providing students and faculty with a modern, efficient learning environment. However, colleges and universities can be hampered with connectivity challenges like slow Internet speeds and unreliable network infrastructure, making it difficult to bring these goals to life.

Transforming Education with Frontier Private Ethernet

To support the growing demand for digital resources and connectivity, higher education institutions are implementing advanced networking solutions like Ethernet technology to help transform the learning experience.

Frontier Ethernet solutions deliver a private, secure network separate from the public Internet. This eliminates performance problems associated with other technologies and shared bandwidth, ensuring users have the connectivity they need to learn, allowing you to:

  • Provide a secure learning environment where faculty and students can collaborate and access resources to promote success
  • Build a private network eligible for category one funding under the E-Rate funding program
  • Get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for performance, guaranteed circuit availability, and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Offer low latency compared to most other network solutions
  • Work with MEF-certified Ethernet carrier technical professionals to better ensure your Ethernet service meets the highest industry standards and specs

Choose the right Ethernet solution for you

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  • EPL (Ethernet Private Line) provides point-to-point connection between two locations (such as a school district headquarters and a datacenter).
  • EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) uses a hub-and-spoke topology where a central site acts as a hub to other locations that are spokes (such as a main university administrative building to other student and faculty buildings throughout the campus).
  • E-LAN is an any-to-any topology connecting multiple sites to each other, ensuring widescale access while maintaining security and privacy.