The value of one provider with broad solutions

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Frontier works with schools of all sizes to help manage the complexities of building a scalable connectivity solution.ed with a private school in Texas with approximately 350 students. One example is a school that The school had a small IT team with big responsibilities -- ensure teachers and students had the bandwidth and connectivity to learn and school authorities could reliably stay in touch with the community.

Challenge: ineffective issue resolution with multiple vendors

The school engaged with a company that provided connectivity services resold from a local access provider, a network monitoring device, managed network services and voice services. The school’s IT team assumed it was working with a single provider until one part of its connection failed. The IT team then had to scramble to identify who was responsible for the problem and figure out how to correct it.

Solution: solving several IT challenges simultaneously

When Frontier met with the school’s IT team, the discussion focused on a standalone internet circuit. After learning more about the customer’s challenges, the Frontier team uncovered other pressing IT challenges. The school had limited redundancy built into its existing voice capabilities. To address the school’s needs, Frontier proposed a dedicated internet circuit, a SIP solution with cellular failover capabilities, and managed network services -- all from one provider without any added costs of a third-party.

Results: value over price

While our initial conversations with the school’s IT team focused on the cost of providing a standalone internet circuit, further investigation surfaced unrecognized needs and solutions opportunities. Working with Frontier, the school received a moreFrontier offers a comprehensive solution, including managed redundancy for both connectivity and voice services. With proactive monitoring, expert management, and cellular failover, school authorities gained peace of mind knowing they could always reach students and the community in the event of an emergency.;