The Frontier | RingCentral partnership: Level up your communications

ringcentral partnership with frontier
Companies add more tools to their productivity suite as they scale and grow. But what if IT teams want to keep their tech stack as simple and streamlined as possible?

At RingCentral, simplicity is built into our DNA—with phone, video, and messaging all in a single, unified application. 

The Frontier | RingCentral partnership takes this a step further. Our joint solution with Frontier combines the best of both companies, bringing high-speed internet to your cloud communications and packaging your tools under a single vendor.

So what does this mean for your business? Let’s look at how Frontier customers can benefit from this partnership.

What is the Frontier | RingCentral partnership?

We partnered with Frontier to create a joint unified communications solution designed for businesses that already use Frontier for their internet service. 

Businesses small and large save time and cost by keeping both services under a single vendor and enjoy the latest cloud phone innovations available in the market. 

1. Single point of contact

ringcentral partnership

Managing different vendors and contracts is often a logistical nightmare for businesses—especially those with a large suite of tools and services.

With our joint solution, high-speed internet and business communications are all under a single partner for both service and billing. IT and finance teams can go straight to Frontier for their internet, phone, video, and messaging needs. No need to manage multiple vendors for support or payments. 

2. Faster internet, better video quality

Our day-to-day schedules are busier than ever, and video meetings take up a large portion of our time. With so many meetings in a day, your video quality can have a direct impact on the engagement of your colleagues and clients.

Frontier’s symmetrical internet speeds ensure that your download and upload speeds are the same, meaning your workers always have the bandwidth to support HD video conferencing.

3. Frontier exclusive perksfrontier and ringcentral 2022

Businesses get access to several unique perks only available to Frontier customers, including:

  1. A dedicated implementation team Every Frontier customer gets access to RingCentral’s implementation team to help get your cloud communications up and running. That includes setting up user accounts as well as admin functions such as IVR and call queues.
  2. No router fees Some customers can spend $139 per year on router fees, which is 40% more than the cost of buying a new router. Frontier customers enjoy no router fees as long as they stay subscribed to the Frontier | RingCentral solution.
  3. Flexible phone options: Buy, rent, or bring your own Customers have complete flexibility to choose their business phones. Buy or rent phones from Frontier or bring phones your business already uses.
  4. Unmatched reliability At RingCentral, we’ve ensured 99.999% uptime reliability for over 16 months now. That equates to just 78 seconds of downtime per quarter.

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ringcentral perks

Businesses also get access to several RingCentral perks, including:

  1. Business SMS Confirm appointments, share promotions, send delivery updates, and much more with business SMS that comes with RingCentral. These can be automated with minimal maintenance for you and your workers.
  2. Join video meetings on any device The RingCentral app allows you to join meetings on virtually any device—PC, smartphone, tablet. Also join from the desktop app, mobile app, or browser of your choice.
  3. Need to switch devices? Use our Call Flip feature to seamlessly switch from PC to smartphone or vice versa.
  4. Never miss a call with call queues Missing sales and service calls can cost your business tons of revenue. Use call queues to easily manage and route callers to the right representative.
  5. Real-time insights and analytics 
  6. Customer calls fluctuate throughout the day RingCentral’s real-time analytics give you full visibility into your call volume so you know exactly how to schedule your staff.
  7. Secure eFaxes on desktop and mobile Businesses with faxing needs can send secure eFaxes (with custom cover sheets) straight from a computer or mobile device.

The perfect pair for your business

Choosing the right tools for your business is a rigorous process—especially if your IT department is small or you manage your tech stack yourself. 

But if you already trust Frontier for your internet service, your business phone, video meetings, and team messaging can all be bundled together to make a simple, low-cost, and feature-rich communications system that keeps your workers connected from anywhere.

niraj singh frontier partnership

And in today’s economic climate, keeping your tech stack small and your workers agile—powered by a robust cloud communications system—is key to business success. 

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