Executive Perspectives: Solving the problem of complexity

Tom LoFrisco
Executive Perspectives from Tom LoFrisco, Vice President Frontier Product and Marketing.

You need to make informed technology decisions. And you need to make them fast to keep up with how quickly technology is changing. We want you to benefit from the perspectives of our leaders at Frontier when making those decisions.

Tom LoFrisco, Vice President Frontier Business Product and Marketing, shares how he is shaping the organization’s vision and leading a team to deliver solutions that address what customers struggle with and want most.

Q: What is Frontier’s vision? How does it apply to enterprise organizations?

TL: IT teams today are still doing a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to technology solutions. They are spending time configuring and figuring out how to make everything work together. If something breaks, they go into triage mode and often must deal with several different solution providers. It’s a headache and a waste of precious time and energy.

Our vision is to be that trusted provider for our customers. But what does it mean to be trusted? For us, it means supporting our customers’ current needs. It means being inquisitive and asking the right questions about their businesses. And it means having an informed opinion about how we can help them advance their businesses. We also don’t make assumptions about advancement. Some customers want simplicity and the freedom to be more strategic. Others want to target areas for functional improvement. Our customers’ goals are always our guide.

We’re helping our customers build strong connected foundations. At the same time, we know that savvy businesses want more. They want security. They want Wi-Fi. They want management expertise. And they want it all from one provider, so their solution is cohesive and effective.

Q: What problems are you solving for businesses?

TL: We are solving a problem of complexity. In the past, networks were overly complex. Our delivery of Dedicated Internet Access allows customers to flatten and simplify their network designs, so they are easier to manage and scale. Security, high availability, mobile backup capabilities, and redundancy are all critical components to alleviating the pain, concern, and stress of managing networks. Confidence is an important outcome. Our customers feel confident in their networks and our ability to anticipate issues and solve problems quickly and effectively.

Q: How does innovation play into that?

TL: We look at innovation in terms of adjacency. What are the adjacent customer needs to our core service? That’s where we direct our innovation efforts. It’s not about the next shiny thing. It’s about what is going to best serve our customers and continue to make their lives easier, more efficient, and more productive. For us, that pragmatic approach to innovation is integral to being a trusted provider.

Q: Why is a strong, secure foundation so important to enabling businesses to pursue opportunities?

TL: The systems and applications that customers use to run their businesses have connectivity at the core. That’s why confidence is so critical. Frontier’s has America’s fastest broadband, and we’ve received the Best in Business award for Dedicated Internet Access. When you can deliver a service that customers are confident in, they can just focus on doing business. The speed is there. The availability is there. A strong core of connectivity removes a level of complexity and gives customers a way to confidently design forward.

Q: Why should enterprise organizations choose Frontier? What value do you bring?

TL: Our people are amazing. I recently spoke with a 911 Public Safety customer in New York who simply loves his field tech. He told me it’s why he trusts Frontier for his business. He feels heard and cared for. He’s a former police officer who isn’t well versed in technology. With Frontier, he knows his level of knowledge is enough and that his business will be up and running all the time.

Q: Any final thoughts?

TL: Customers want to make confident decisions about the technology supporting their strategic moves forward – especially about connectivity, which is one of the most important infrastructure decisions. Frontier understands how serious those decisions are. We don’t take them lightly. Our solution proposition is simple but powerful – a strong core with adjacent innovation that gives customers both confidence and expanded capabilities built on the core.