Reliable Connectivity for Los Angeles Creative Agency

To remain competitive in the Silicon Beach advertising business, Herman-Scheer needed a more reliable internet service.

The Challenge

Before switching to Frontier, advertising and marketing agency Herman-Scheer's previous internet service frequently failed and the provider lacked customer service.

The agency's productivity suffered due to frequent lost internet connections and their phone systems going down. When the founders of Herman-Scheer started their venture, they had only their personal cell phones to connect themselves with employees and clients. With over-connected cell phones and under-connected broadband, Herman-Scheer started looking for new internet and phone solutions.

"In our industry and in Silicon Beach particularly, all the most successful companies are those that build tech and platforms that connect individuals in different ways, without a strong internet connection, that just can't happen."

— Chapin Herman - Co-founder of Herman Scheer

Customer Results

After signing up with Frontier Fiber Internet, Herman- Scheer had the fastest upload and download speeds available, maximizing agency productivity. Additionally, the co-founders of Herman Scheer discovered another strength in Frontier they were not expecting: the best experience with customer service is having a solution so reliable you don't have to call customer service at all. However, when the agency did reach out for support during a rare service interruption, there was a knowledgeable Frontier representative explaining the issue and providing an ETA on when service would be restored, reassuring the agency that their business was in good hands.

The phone service Frontier installed also added a healthy buffer between work and the rest of life for the cofounders, as well as a layer of legitimacy to the business.

As we're on the cutting edge of technology, design and providing cutting edge products for our customers, it's important that we have an institutional-like level of reliability and professionalism as the backbone of our business, with Frontier, there’s no question."

— Chapin Herman - Co-founder of Herman Scheer