Pamex gets new UCaaS solution for growing business

Pamex Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial hardware for multi-family, commercial and residential markets. Pamex prides itself on outstanding customer service to ensure that their service level is beyond comparison.

The Challenge

Pamex is focused on customer service and was using older phones with a disparate group of vendors for services. Additionally, they are expanding and needed something that could scale quickly.

The Solution

Pamex was in the process of evaluating a UCaaS solution. Pamex had very outdated PBX equipment provided by another vendor. They had some basic business line voice service with Frontier, but it was purchased through a third party. They were also in the process of expanding into additional facilities due to business growth.

We presented Frontier's RingCentral VoIP solution to their IT department, competing against some key providers in the industry. Pamex chose Frontier because our solution is superior and scalable to those offered by the competition. We could install in 21 days, go onsite to physically to install the system, provide some soft training onsite and access to valuable online training.

Customer Benefits

Trusted business partner: We strive to be your trusted technology advisor. Keeping you happy is our #1 priority and we desire to help grow your business.

Expert product knowledge: We are subject matter experts on the details of our products so we can highlight the product features and value propositions that align with your business needs.

360-Degree Solution Support: We will manage the development and implementation of your technology solution from start to finish, ready to address any challenges you may have to ensure complete success.