Ethernet Virtual private line (EVPL) / Real Estate

Virtual House Hunting Drives Network Upgrade

Keller Williams, one of the country’s largest real estate brokerages, needed to keep pace with Dallas-Fort-Worth’s ongoing real estate boom. The Keller Williams office in Southlake is home to more than 650 agents who process some 50 home sales per week. To meet growth demands, Keller Williams needed to solve two major IT challenges:
  • First, it had to enhance its ability to support a sizable infrastructure upgrade and address the surge in online homebuying and virtual tours.
  • Second, it had to ensure fast, reliable, secure connectivity between its main office in Southlake and multiple branches throughout Greater Dallas-Fort Worth.

As a longstanding partner, Frontier answered the call. By upgrading Keller Williams’s existing T1 technology to an Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) solution, Frontier provided agents and employees with faster, more secure connectivity and an improved user experience to their agent platform. It also ensured that Keller Williams customers would enjoy a more seamless, high-end virtual homebuying experience including interactive tours.

The Challenge: Upgrading a Network for Long-Term Success

Keller Williams had already been expanding its physical footprint to meet the needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market. It opened a new, spacious regional headquarters in Southlake as well as managed 12 branch offices situated throughout the metroplex. But as they added offices, bandwidth and network performance between locations became issues too big to ignore.

In addition, the impacts of COVID-19 accelerated the trend for online home searches. Keller Williams customers were increasingly looking to virtual 3D and 360º tours of homes – a demand that would require far greater bandwidth to ensure a stellar experience. Keller Williams needed to upgrade its T1 network to a solution that could provide the capacity and guaranteed delivery without jitter or packet-loss.

Making the move over, we knew we had to make the right switch. Because we were anticipating a technology shift happening with our clients, we knew we had to meet their demands at a higher level. We needed to have better access.

Dustin Wright, Team Leader, Keller Williams

The Solution: Developing a Next-Gen Digital Partnership Worthy of DFW 

Frontier's team met with Wright to better understand their technology environment and map out client and employee experience goals. Over the course of the discussion, it became clear that to meet Keller Williams’s new network requirements, Frontier would need to upgrade the company’s existing T1 technology with an Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) solution.

Frontier’s EVPL solution increased bandwidth, enhanced security, and optimized performance for Keller Williams customers and agents alike. By replacing the T1s and connecting disparate LANs with an EVPL solution, Frontier equipped Keller Williams with fast, dependable and secure hub-and-spoke connectivity between its regional headquarters and 12 branch offices, providing more streamlined network management. It also resolved the other challenge of providing consumers with a better online experience, including more seamless virtual tours.

The Result: Future-Proof Connectivity for a Fast-Growing City

Keller Williams agents, office employees, and customers have all noticed distinct differences in performance since the upgrade. Wright heralded the changes, saying, "You know when technology is working? When you don't think about it. That's what I notice: how great everything works, when you don't notice it's even working!"

You know when technology is working? When you don't think about it. That's what I notice: how great everything works, when you don't notice it's even working!

Dustin Wright, Team Leader, Keller Williams

Not only do the real estate giant’s homebuying app and agent platforms function better – with minimal latency – but Frontier has also enhanced Keller Williams’s on-premises collaboration solution performance. The offices now prioritize voice traffic, ensuring that Keller Williams agents can always enjoy high-definition audio and crisp communications.

Keller Williams expects DFW to continue its massive growth and now feels more confident than ever about their ability to create exemplary experiences for home buyers, agents and employees. Together, Keller Williams and Frontier are delivering on a different – and better – tomorrow for the burgeoning Dallas-Ft. Worth real estate market