Internet Access

Cost Effective, High-performance Networks for California Schools

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The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) is a non-profit corporation providing effective, high-performance, high-bandwidth networking services to school district students, educators, researchers, and individuals at other vital public-serving institutions. CENIC serves over 20 million users across California.

The Challenge

California's libraries and school districts host a variety of programs such as school field trips, after-school sessions, summer camps, career and technical training, story times, art classes and gaming. This requires increasing bandwidth and a cost effective high performance network.

The Solution: Listening, learning and strategizing

When we meet with you, we use the opportunity to listen, learn your infrastructure, and capture insights about your business needs.

Through this discovery process, we can identify challenges in your network affecting your ability to conduct business and serve your customers. Frontier can offer solutions to increase productivity, continuity, and security.