Your Waiting Room Doesnt Have to Be Boring

Extremely bored man sitting alone in a waiting room.

At some point, you’ve found yourself in a waiting room, watching a local talk show on a small TV, drinking bad coffee, and looking impatiently at your phone as the minutes slowly tick by. And if you have kids with you, the waiting room quickly turns from boring to stressful.

If you own a business, don’t let that happen to your customers. Consider making some tech upgrades to your waiting room to help your customers pass the time more pleasantly.

Little Additions Make a Big Impact

Small, inexpensive upgrades, like phone chargers, can make a huge difference in your waiting room. People will be using their phones while they wait, and they’ll appreciate being able to charge their devices while they scroll, swipe, and answer emails.

Consider the comfort of the furniture in your waiting area. No one wants to sit on a hard, plastic chair. Providing your customers with a comfortable seat can go a long way in ensuring their happiness and their return business.

Everyone Loves the Internet

Offer free wireless internet in your waiting room. Wi-Fi will provide your customers with a fast internet connection and help save their data plans. Plus, if they are using tablets without data capabilities, they can still access the internet while they wait.

Everyone will enjoy this easy, affordable upgrade. And once you have wireless internet, it opens up a multitude of upgrade possibilities for your waiting room.

Tablets Are the New Board Games

Board games, puzzles, and basic toys aren’t going to cut it anymore. Adding a few tablets to your waiting room goes a long way with parents.

There are several brands of kids tablets available—at a range of prices. Include a variety of apps on these devices so the user has multiple choices for entertainment.

Also remember to clean the tablets regularly to avoid spreading germs between patrons.

Video Game Systems Better Entertains Kids

Another great way to entertain little guests is to include a video game system in the waiting room. Consoles not only entertain kids but also distract them from feeling anxious about medical appointments, dental visits, or similar nerve-inducing meetings.

If your office or business routinely sees kids, invest in an Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation along with several family-friendly, age-appropriate games. These devices also connect to your business’s internet so your patrons can also enjoy some online gaming with other guests in the office.

A Newer TV with a Solid TV Package Beats Boredom

As previously mentioned, most waiting rooms come equipped with small, old TVs playing the local news. That kind of “entertainment” doesn’t actually entertain your visitors. It’s a good idea to invest in a large, modern television and sign up for a decent TV package so your customers can watch what they want on a sizable screen.

If your waiting room is outdated, now is the perfect time to make some tech upgrades. No matter what you decide when enhancing your waiting room, your customers will appreciate the thought you put into it, feel less bored or cranky, and be more likely to come back in the future. Explore Frontier’s website to find the right tools for your business’s success, and return to our blog frequently for additional tips and advice.