What’s Next for Better Network Performance? By Guest Author Evan Kirstel

Team working at co-workers desk.

Scalability is a must if you want next-gen network performance. Technology usually develops more quickly than we can anticipate—in ways we haven’t considered. So, your network technology should have the capability to scale up or down as your business moves in new directions.

There have been advancements in nearly every technology that we know of. An example is the Internet of Things (IoT). When the IoT really happens, it will unfold in ways we can’t possibly anticipate today. The same thing happened with artificial intelligence (AI) decades ago. Forecasters thought we would be way beyond where we are today, but here we stand.

We have had a decade of extremely intelligent phones, yet we still have little insight as to what the phones of the future will look like, be like, and do, and how we will use them. And when you consider how many popular social networks and movie streaming options didn’t exist just a few years ago, you can really see the trend here—we just don’t know what’s possible in tech anymore until it’s in front of us.

That’s exactly why your business needs a network approach that can be as dynamic as your business and the times—one that can scale and meet you wherever you are now, and wherever you may go in the future. As broadband prices plummet and gigabit access is available almost anywhere, Ethernet is usually a viable option for this. Ethernet expansion can be the “one protocol that fits all applications” for an easy connection that’s plug and play, and with plenty of user support.

If Ethernet expansion is the protocol that opens the most networking doors, is it the “protocol panacea” we have all been looking for to unleash better network performance? Maybe so. But when it comes to Ethernet, it’s not just the protocol—but instead, the provider—that can be your network “bodyguard” and enable your business to be ready when new developments you didn’t imagine possible—both good and bad—become a reality.

You need a network approach that can help you expand beyond your wildest dreams, because that’s what technology is going to do. Frontier has the real-time Ethernet solutions you need as your business continues to change in ways you cannot possibly imagine today.