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We’ve talked a lot about digital security here on Gain Your Edge but with all of the technology that surrounds us these days it can be easy to forget the security of physical assets. The world of security spans from the benchmark protocol of locks on doors to the personal realm of security guards themselves. With that in mind, today we’ve brought on Tom Shafron, Lead Engineer of Clear2there, to bring us through the exciting developments in one of the longest standing safety precautions – video surveillance.

Tom’s career is a story of its own. Prior to his role at Clear2there, he founded the multi-million dollar USAG, a video security and surveillance provider. He also created the toolbar overlay service, Log-Me-On, that was subsequently sold to Yahoo! where he led the platform to over 40 million active users and $100 million in annual revenue. His background shines through as we discuss the cost effectiveness of smart devices, evolving beyond security and into processes, event driven searches, how cell phone cameras changed the industry and a whole lot more. Settle in and get your notepads ready for this jam-packed episode of Gain Your Edge.

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