The Brief Surprising History of WiFi

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What do torpedoes, World War II, and the golden age of Hollywood have in common? If you guessed Wi-Fi, you’d be correct! But how do these seemingly disparate topics overlap and where does Wi-Fi fit into all of this? We thought we’d have some fun diving into the history of Wi-Fi, its revolutionary beginnings and how the speed of its evolution affects your business today, in the first of a two-part series.

Ed Wyatt is an Engineering Manager for Ruckus, an ARRIS company. ARRIS is a multi-billion dollar provider of hardware and software to 1,7000 cable, modem and telecom operators across 17 countries. With over 20 years of experience as an engineer, Ed has been involved with Wi-Fi before the term “Wi-Fi” was cool, which makes him the perfect candidate to set the record straight about the origins of this now ubiquitous technology. Prepare for a trip into the history books from Wi-Fi’s Hollywood roots to the tipping point of the new millennium and more in this episode of Gain Your Edge.

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