Hello, Business Continuity. Goodbye, Downtime.

Business woman using tablet in server room.

Seventy-five percent of small businesses operate without a disaster recovery plan. That might be hard to believe, but it’s true. And only half back up portions of their data. That’s risky. Luckily, more businesses are taking the potential of an unexpected event seriously. 

As more connected devices enter the workplace and data sharing across networks becomes common, the probability of experiencing a downtime event increases. The average time it takes for a business to resume normal operations is about seven hours. However, 18% of I.T. managers say it takes 11 to 24 hours, or sometimes longer.  

Downtime events can occur for a number of different reasons: network outages, server failures, human errors, or natural disasters. Dismissing the possibility of any one of those threats is dangerous for your business. They can cause output delays, poor customer service, and unpleasant brand sentiment. Altogether, it’s bad for your bottom line. 

Traditional recovery methods, like saving data to tape, disk, or even a local cloud drive, are inefficient and can’t compete with the speed of businesses today. Businesses need a business continuity solution that’s not focused on if a downtime will occur, but when. That’s why Frontier introduced Total360. 

As an innovative approach, Total360 was designed to mitigate losses and get your business up and running within minutes of experiencing sudden downtime. Powered by Datto, Total360 dramatically simplifies recovery with a fully automated process that requires little manual management. And it integrates seamlessly with your server environment. 

Even over lower bandwidth or busy networks, Total360 can efficiently, and securely, transfer data to off-site data centers using prioritized data transfers and much more. 

Frontier has a full breakdown of Total360’s capabilities and support here. Ignoring the possibility of a downtime-related event won’t help, but an intelligent business continuity solution like Total360 will.