Frontier AnyWare and The LA Kings Communication in Professional Sports

Crossed Hockey Sticks and Puck Illustration.

Get your pads, grab your sticks and lace your skates for this hockey infused rendition of Gain Your Edge. No matter the size or prestige of an organization, seamless communication with customers and colleagues is key. Today we’re taking it to the frozen rink of the NHL’s LA Kings to check in on how Frontier AnyWare and Mitel put the Kings’ communication problems on ice.

Frontier and Mitel have recently partnered with AEG, the Kings’ parent company, to facilitate better communication for the organization. We decided what better way to check in on the new partnership than by talking to someone with feet on the ground. Kelly Cheeseman has worked in sports his entire professional career and is now the COO of the LA Kings. From the LA Dodgers group sales department when he was fresh out of college to his position now with the Kings, Kelly knows the importance of communication in the sports world. Our discussion revolves around ticket sales, AEG’s global sports presence, and system implementation as well as the prerequisite Zamboni talk. It’s all things Kings and communication in this episode of Gain Your Edge.

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