Defending Your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Defense.

Keeping products, services and data safe is a behind-the-scenes task for businesses, but one that’s extremely important. Unlike a company’s physical assets, locks, alarm systems, and surveillance technology aren’t enough to protect against digital threats. Today, we’re talking about protecting your Wi-Fi network from virtual attacks.

Mitch Moore has made a career of sales and engineering and has acquired a serious understanding of Wi-Fi security along the way. As a Systems Engineer at Meraki, he spends his days helping others stay safe in the digital sphere. Today we’re learning about the growing capabilities of threats thanks to the cloud, points of vulnerability for small businesses, hiring white-hat hackers to engage in penetration testing and the ins and outs of Meraki’s latest solutions. Find out how to keep your Wi-Fi secure and your data protected in Episode 58 of Gain Your Edge.

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