Building Rural Connections Opening Doors for the Future

Elementary school children participating in hands on technology program.

Frontier Communications is passionate about broadband and making it available to rural areas. To take steps towards our goal of a digitally connected future for Americans, we teamed with the FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) program to deliver voice and broadband at affordable rates. The help and support provided by the CAF has allowed us to connect over 270,000 small businesses and homes throughout 29 states. We are excited and proud to show how Frontier’s CAF broadband connections are impacting and improving lives.

September 2017 was a milestone in our efforts. In Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, we completed broadband connections for this rural town of 2,500 people. This access to new technology allowed Ed Katz, an award winning high school science teacher, to build a world-class extracurricular robotics program. Students of various ages gain access to cutting edge technology while learning about new and exciting career opportunities. The CAF partnership helped unite digital broadband access with a teacher and students to excite, prepare and open doors for the future.