A Storm's Coming Is Your Business Prepared?

Concerned Woman Looking At Computer Monitor.

Over the last decade, the frequency and devastating strength of hurricanes has increased dramatically. The biggest, most destructive storms—like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Sandy—cost billions in residential and commercial property damage. In fact, when you combine the damage costs from the hurricanes in 2012 and 2017, it amounts to $273.2 billion. And according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 25 percent of businesses that close after a natural disaster never reopen.

No business can afford that. Yet, according to Forrester, only 37 percent feel prepared for disaster recovery.

That’s frightening.

Every business, regardless of size or industry, should have a Business Continuity plan in place. Being prepared with the right plan can help return a sense of order and normalcy during a chaotic time. Hurricane season lasts from June to November, which makes now the perfect time to evaluate your current systems and start organizing your approach. Once you get an idea of where your network could be improved to help you recover, you can find a solution that fits.

Frontier Business takes natural-disaster-related downtime seriously. That’s why we offer a suite of solutions to help you maintain business operations, so your customers can rely on you to stay operational. When it comes to a weather-related event, it’s not about if it’s going to happen, but when.

Frontier AnyWare gives your employees communication access wherever they are—from across the office to across the country—and prepares your business for what’s to come. When a hurricane hits, it’s important that communication lines stay open. This scalable solution offers reliable connectivity with IP telephony features, collaboration tools, and unified communications services. With a voice network hosted in the Frontier cloud, calls can continue uninterrupted even if your facility is affected by the weather.

If the unthinkable happens, you need to get your servers and operations back up and running quickly after unexpected downtime. Introducing Frontier’s Total360 Business Continuity.

Designed to mitigate downtime, potential losses, and simplify recovery, Total360 Business Continuity restores your servers and data locally on the Total360 Appliance or in a secure, bi-coastal data center in minutes. That means even if your office building is destroyed during a hurricane, your business can stay connected by operating remotely without lengthy rebuilding and restoration procedures.

Your best defense is to have a business continuity plan that fits your needs. And with choices like Frontier AnyWare UCaaS and Total360 Business Continuity, you not only get that level of defense, you also get relief knowing your business and customer data are protected.

Ready to bolster your business continuity plan? Let’s talk. Which solution is right for your business?

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