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5 Ways TV Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Crowd of people watching TV in a bar.

Offering TV entertainment is one of many approaches you can take to improve your customer experience, whether that’s in your waiting room, dining area, or elsewhere. You know satisfying your customers is important. But you might be looking for additional rationale before making a significant investment like getting a TV package and all the hardware that comes with it. Here are five reasons why your small business would benefit from having TV service.

1. You’ll Increase Sales

Give people a chance to keep up with their favorite entertainment away from home, and you’ll likely notice a positive change in sales and revenue. Why? Because people won’t be in a rush to leave. For example, someone might decide to take their coffee to stay and watch the morning news instead of hurrying out the door. They also might get a refill before leaving. Bars and restaurants that entice customers with popular sports and shows will find that those patrons stay for hours and order plenty of food and drinks.

Companies that don’t offer food and drink—like auto shops, fitness centers, and dentist offices—can still profit from introducing TV as a business feature. Consider it an investment in repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing. Entertainment can ensure your establishment is one someone would patronize again and again. It can also encourage them to recommend your products or services to friends, family, and colleagues.

2. You’ll Become the Go-To Spot

Every business owner knows customer loyalty is critical to the health and future of a company. People want to stay productive, entertained, and connected at all times. And, they’ll remain loyal to a business that provides this perk.

Offering someone’s favorite channels is a great way to earn both their initial and repeat business. People even seek out companies providing TV or Wi-Fi. They’ll check one out (hopefully yours) and return if they have a positive experience. For example, you might own a nail salon. Giving your customers the option to watch their favorite shows while they wait or during their appointment will help attract new clients. It can also make your salon stand out among the competition and become the local favorite.

3. You Can Deduct the Expense on Your Taxes

Adding TV to your business can be a bit overwhelming. That’s understandable. It’s a big investment—but it doesn’t have to be as large as you might think. Don’t forget you can deduct things like equipment and services on your taxes.

Knowing the hardware and other costs associated with providing TV entertainment can be reduced might make the decision an affordable one. You can then invest those savings back into your business.

4. You’ll Be Able to Customize Your Atmosphere

You want your customers to feel right at home as soon as they walk into your establishment. A tailored TV package can make your ambiance energizing, relaxing, or anything else. At the very least, it won’t be boring. Making people more comfortable with your atmosphere will go a long way toward improving overall customer satisfaction. It shows you’ve thought about their entire experience and taken steps to make it better.

Take a real estate office for example. Your lobby could be quiet and make for a rather dull wait. Or, you could use music channels to make your clients feel relaxed and uplifted. That’s an easy thing to do to help take the stress out of buying or selling a home.

5. You Can Cut Costs by Bundling

Did you know business TV packages can save you money on phone and high-speed internet service? Virtually every business already pays for internet and phone service. And, most service providers offer discounted bundles for two or more services. That means you may be able to tack TV onto your current plan for an affordable price.

Beyond bundling services, you can also bundle functionality and do some double duty with your equipment. Using your TV for video conferencing is easy. It would make sales presentations, trainings, and meetings on the fly possible.

What’s Next?

There’s no doubt about it—offering TV is a simple business tactic that can yield substantial benefits. However, the key to success is finding TV service that allows you to customize your package for your business’s needs, budget, and customers.

Frontier specializes in helping small businesses get the services they need to succeed. We offer several plans based on your zip code, including FiOS TV in certain areas. There’s something for everyone, whether you just need the local channels or want a more extensive variety with an option to add channel packs including international, movie, sports, and music selections.