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Your security posture is a measure of your organization’s overall cybersecurity strength and how well it can prevent and respond to cyber threats. It can comprise your networks, information security, risk management, data breach prevention, and other security controls. So how do you stack up overall?

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Get an assessment of your security posture with this quick survey about your organization’s security protocols. Once you’ve completed the questions, we’ll follow up via email with your results.

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Does your organization have a corporate password policy?
Does your organization have two-factor authentication in place?
Have you conducted employee security awareness training?
What do you spend the majority of your time on? (long-term innovations/day-to-day operations)

Security Posture Assessment

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Does your organization have a documented security policy?
Does your organization have a disaster recovery plan in place?
Does your organization have an incident response plan in place?
Does your organization have a real-time inventory of all assets that could be an attack surface?

Security Posture Assessment

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Where are your organization’s servers?
Does your organization have threat monitoring in place?
What is your organization’s biggest business challenge? Select all that apply

Security Posture Assessment

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