Unified Communications by Frontier

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All-in-one Communication Solution

Too many communication platforms to manage? Stuck juggling a remote workforce and their connected devices? Unified Communications by Frontier (UCF) delivers voice, messaging, video, and conferencing in a single package—and carries the communications across our reliable network.

  • Voice
  • Video Conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Automatic Call Distribution

Better Productivity with Unified Communication

Businesses today require streamlined communication and collaboration between teams and geographies. UCF bundles a combination of communication services into a single solution for easier management, better cost savings, and improved performance on any device.

Work from anywhere

Access UCF at the office, home or on the road with integrated communication platforms.

Device flexibility

Stay connected across multiple device types including smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

UCF Call Recording

Add call recording to any Basic or Executive UCF plan

  • Monitor and record calls for training, dispute resolution and compliance
  • Track calls and view reports for more effective follow-up
  • Categorize calls and mine for topic-specific insight

Inbound Fax

Add inbound fax to any Basic or Executive UCF plan.

  • Receive inbound faxes to your email address or read them online in the UCF portal
  • Faxes arrive as a pdf file attachment and can be downloaded, saved, printed or forwarded to another email address or domestic fax machine
  • Access the fax from any device type and eliminate fax hardware, supplies and IT costs

Select the UCF services you need

Customize your UCF solution by choosing from three different service tiers:

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Why Partner with Us?

Cloud PBX

UCF provides Voice, PBX functionally, Chat, Presence, Audio and Video Conferencing and Collaboration all in one service.

Simplified billing

More convenience with one invoice for your entire communication solution.

Geo-redundant datacenters

Stay up and running with uninterrupted collaboration wherever your people are located

A dedicated IT partner

Let us take care of it all, from designing and implementing a multi-modal system to training employees so you can upgrade from your legacy system with ease.


UCF pricing is based on seats. 12 mo. or 24 mo. or 36 mo. or 60 mo. contract required. Equipment can be rented or purchased. Equipment fees, taxes, governmental surcharges and fees, and other applicable charges may apply and are subject to change. UCF service can be use with Frontier Internet or a competitor’s Internet service. Additional seats available for monthly fee. Domestic long-distance minutes exclude 900, international, directory assistance and dial-up calls. Usage restrictions may apply. Frontier UCF service, including 911 service, will not function without electrical or battery backup power. In the event of a power outage, you must have an alternative way to reach 911. The inbound fax feature enables customers to retrieve an inbound facsimile message from the UCaaS Service CommPortal and deliver it to customer’s email account as a pdf file. The Inbound fax feature does not include reliability, redundancy, disaster recovery or business continuity features, functions, capabilities or services. Frontier has no liability for an inbound fax with poor image quality, or an undelivered fax. Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions, Frontier policies and service terms apply.