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Frontier SIP Trunking Solution Brief

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Next-level Voice Networking

Get more flexibility, reliability, and savings with SIP Trunking from Frontier. Frontier SIP is a dedicated, private solution that delivers:

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Cost savings

Reduce communication costs like long distance and toll-free calling.

Call security

Bypass the public Internet with Frontier’s private network to ensure call security, quality, and reliability.

Customized growth

Scale up or down easily and only pay for what you need.


By adding SIP to your PBX, you can add call paths easily without adding a new PRI.

How do I know if Frontier SIP is right for me?

SIP Trunking is a cost-effective way to widen and unify your voice network with Frontier’s advanced, secure private network. Frontier SIP is delivered on a Ethernet Virtual Private Line to ensure reliability and call quality. Frontier SIP can work with your existing PBX and legacy phone equipment, saving you money. Here are some business issues SIP can help with:

Business Challenge How Frontier SIP Can Help
Contract ending Looking for a better option? Save money and increase call quality with Frontier SIP
Multiple locations Get seamless performance at any business location with network redundancy
More control Schedule maintenance and upgrades when it works best for you
High call volume Lower your cost per call versus a traditional connection

Why Choose Frontier?

All SIPs are not the same. With Frontier SIP, you’ll get unique benefits including:

Secure communications

Safeguard your voice system with Frontier’s Ethernet virtual private network, delivering up to 99.99% availability

Migration management & support

Get design, implementation, and lifecycle management with 24/7/365 technical support to ensure a smooth migration and performance.

Competitive pricing

Chose from customized, competitive pricing packages in addition to the savings that come with SIP migration.

Number porting

Port your existing numbers to maintain call continuity.

Flexible options

Choose from different delivery types such as PRI, analog and SIP.

What is SIP Trunking?

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Ready to learn more? Get Frontier SIP and give your business next-level voice networking today!

About Frontier Business

Frontier Business is a trusted telecommunications partner helping organizations meet today’s challenges and technology demands. With over 165K miles of fiber spanning 25 states, Frontier’s MEF-certified network continues to grow and fulfill the evolving needs of business customers everywhere.

Through internet and voice, the Fortune 500 company designs better ways to communicate and keep operations running smoothly. From dedicated connectivity to fully managed services, Frontier is committed to providing powerful solutions that bring teams together and move business forward.