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Making the Case for Secure Connectivity in 2021 

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that change is the only constant. And that includes the evolving shift to hybrid work, which raises important questions for IT decision makers:

  • Do your teams have the tools they need to be productive and collaborative?
  • How do we make sure our networks continually adapt to changing demands?
  • How do you make a strong business case to justify the solutions your teams need?

Here are some considerations—and how they directly impact your team, your C-suite and your bottom line.

Seamless scalability leads to what’s possible.

It’s hard to be proactive when your business needs are evolving. Teams are bound by your system’s limitations. Slow speeds and service interruptions quickly translate into lost time, control and productivity across the board.

That’s why you need a flexible solution that scales with you and your business, so you can cater to your teams’ ever-changing needs. Whether your goal is increased bandwidth, mobility or 24/7 access for your customers, connectivity is at the core. Where there’s connectivity, there’s collaboration. Which brings your teams closer to meeting their goals.

Consider these discussion questions and thought starters as you make the case:

  • Can your network keep up with your team’s evolving needs?
  • How many of your employees are currently working in and out of the office?
  • How has that affected productivity and your bottom line?

When you’re protected, you’re unstoppable.

Teams and devices are growing. Your network is extending across multiple locations. Technology limitations and security concerns are everywhere. All while your employees are sharing files and sensitive data. And it’s your job to keep business communications private, secure and resilient.

As new forms of cyberattacks become increasingly stealthy, your network is exposed to more risk. And in the case of a real threat, your business is looking at much more than monetary costs. Downtime, lost data, strained resources, and your company’s reputation are all at stake.

With a private, dedicated connection like Dedicated Internet Access, you’re able to proactively guard your business from the what ifs. You can send and receive information from afar while protecting the integrity of your systems and data. And when you have visibility across your entire network you can defend against outside threats while protecting your bottom line. For your CIO—and your entire company—that means peace of mind for the future.

Consider these discussion questions and thought starters as you make the case:

  • Did you experience cyberattacks in 2020?
  • Are you facing risks from a shared connection?
  • What are your biggest security challenges right now?

Dedicated account management means freedom to move forward.

Between managing multiple teams, networks, and locations—combined with the uncertainty of the future—IT roles are complex. You don’t have the time or space to focus on strategic initiatives. Legacy systems that fail to support the way your employees actually work don’t help, either.

Why spread your team’s time and budget thin, when a dedicated service partner makes it simpler and easier to manage your day-to-day? A single provider and point of contact streamlines your process. Saves you from complexity and customer service issues. And frees you for what your business really needs from its IT leader: Innovation.

Consider these discussion questions and thought starters you make the case:

  • How much time do you spend managing and troubleshooting?
  • What are your current limitations?
  • Do your priorities align with your business goals?

Break boundaries with secure connectivity.

As an IT leader, you’re facing greater burdens, pressures and responsibilities. But seamless collaboration is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. That's why connectivity is the way forward. It unites your teams. Simplifies management. Keeps teams secure. And the road to resilience isn’t a complicated one. It just needs to start with a simple conversation.