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Bethany Bible Gets Unified Communications and Extended IT Team

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Bethany Bible Fellowship in Orange County California County offers community programs including weekly worship, community entertainment, preschool and a private school for children grades K-8.

The Challenge

Due to growth and expansion, Bethany Bible Fellowship needed a better WiFi and phone solution. Inconsistent internet made scalability difficult. The existing phone system also lacked the flexibility to scale, falling behind the organization's needs. Before connecting with Frontier, they consulted with various IT professionals for a year looking for guidance. When they partnered with Frontier, Frontier took the time to understand the organization's needs before recommending strategic and cost-effective upgrades.

The Solution

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Frontier delivered a managed network and voice solution with WiFi access throughout the campus.

Fiber Internet

Thanks to Frontier's Fiber Internet, Bethany was able to upgrade bandwidth throughout their campus, helping teachers bring technology into lesson plans with reliability.


Bethany's existing phone system was older, lacking many features that support productivity and user experience, including remote calling capabilities, individual voicemail boxes, decentralized call transferring, to name a few. Unified Communications by Frontier was the answer for adding remote and collaborative voice solutions. It was important to customize the phone system for the staff and their needs.

Managed Wireless LAN

Finally, Frontier's Managed Wireless LAN provided the wireless connectivity needed. Frontier deployed 18 access points across the campus, providing next-level network management for the organization's continued growth. Now, with a fully managed network, Frontier's experts will proactively identify issues before they become a problem.

“I don't know what we would've done without Frontier. We'd probably still be trying to figure it out, having someone come in and piecemeal a solution together. Not only did we get a trusted partner in Frontier, they essentially became our IT 'extended family'.”

— Debbie Marshall, Bethany's Interim IT Director

Customer Results

Frontier's new solutions delivered instant improvements in connectivity and communication for Bethany Bible Fellowship. Internet connectivity was now robust and consistent. Staff and volunteers benefited from the phone system's new flexibility, and teachers could incorporate school devices with reliability. When COVID hit, the new technology suite enabled a smooth transition to remote operations. As in-person meetings and instruction moved to virtual, weekly worship services were livestreamed and outreach programs continued online. Now, Bethany hopes to focus on upgrading learning technology and incorporating tablets to enhance staff productivity, and Frontier will be there to partner with them the entire way.