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Local Organization Adapts Through a Tailored Approach to Voice & Data

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Bethany Bible Fellowship is a religious-based nonprofit located in northern Orange County California. The organization offers several community programs on its campus including weekly worship, community entertainment, preschool and a private school for children grades K-8 with 52 faculty and staff and nearly 250 students across three entities.

Customer Challenges
Thanks to growth and expansion, Bethany Bible Fellowship in Westminster, CA needed a better WiFi and phone solution. Spotty internet was making it difficult to incorporate technology, especially in the classroom. Only a certain number of students could be online, and dropped connections during peak usage time forced staff and teachers to frequently work from home just to access stable internet connectivity. The phone system also lacked the flexibility to scale and had fallen behind the organization's needs. Debbie Marshall, Bethany's interim IT director, had been talking with IT professionals and looking for a solution for over a year before connecting with Frontier. “I'm not an IT guru," she says, "but I knew we needed something better without breaking the bank. I searched for a year, praying for someone to call me back and say, ‘Hey, we'll work with you.' But unless you can pay the big hourly fees, they're few and far between.”

As a small nonprofit, paying up front for analysis and solution design was out of the budget. With a mix of newer and legacy equipment, Debbie needed someone who would take the time to understand the organization's entire setup and suggest some strategic—and cost-effective—upgrades. After contacting Frontier about Bethany's phone system, Debbie was put into direct contact with the solutions team.

Frontier's Solution
Bethany didn't just need a quick fix–they needed, a holistic technology solution. After planning and strategy sessions, Frontier delivered a managed network and voice solution–Integrated Voice–as well as WiFi access throughout the campus.

On Frontier's network, Bethany was able to upgrade their fiber connectivity, helping teachers bring technology into lesson plans without worrying about internet bandwidth or reliability. And Frontier made sure implementation was quick and painless.

In addition to bandwidth, voice services needed a lift. Bethany's existing phone system was older, lacking many of the new features that support productivity and user experience, including remote calling capabilities, individual voicemail boxes, decentralized call transferring, a denser phone tree and more accessibility overall. Unified Communications by Frontier was the answer.

“Bethany needed more than a one-size-fits-all solution," says Jack Childs, Bethany's Frontier Account Executive. "It was important to customize the phone system for the staff and their needs."

“I knew we needed something better without breaking the bank. I searched for a year, praying for someone to call me back... But unless you're able to pay the big hourly fees, they're few and far between.”

— Debbie Marshall, Bethany's Interim IT Director

Finally, Frontier's Managed Wireless LAN provided the wireless connectivity Bethany needed. Frontier deployed 18 access points across Bethany's campus, providing next-level network management for the organization's continued growth. As part of the offering, Frontier designed, installed and tested the solution. Now, with a fully managed network, any issues will be proactively identified by Frontier before they become a problem.

“The days of install-it-and-forget-it are long gone,” Jack says. “Monitoring and managing the solution means we can be certain we're delivering the best user experience to each customer.”

Customer Results
Bethany's new solutions delivered instant improvements in connectivity and communication. Internet connectivity was now robust and consistent. Staff and volunteers benefited from the phone system's new flexibility, and teachers could incorporate school devices and “up their technology game.” But the real test came with COVID. Thankfully, Bethany's new technology suite enabled a smooth transition to remote operations. With Frontier's help, Bethany immediately moved classes to Zoom, livestreamed weekly worship services, and continued outreach programs both outdoors and online.

“They didn't need to shut down at all,” Jack says. “We planned the solution looking toward the future–we just didn't expect the future to include a pandemic.”

As our “normal” continues to evolve, Bethany hopes to focus on upgrading learning technology and incorporating tablets to allow staff to be more productive. And Frontier plans to be there to partner with Bethany on whatever comes next.

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