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Building Gigabit America: The Future of Fiber is Access for All

In rural America, 35% of people lack access to high-speed internet—compared to just 3% of people in urban areas.1 When they depend on fast, reliable connectivity in critical industries such as education, healthcare and manufacturing, that access is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

That’s why the demand for connectivity boils down to the need for greater fiber network reach. Whether service stems from a wireless carrier, cable provider or reseller, fiber-optic internet leads to a ripple effect: It helps reach new locations, open new markets and bridge the digital divide. Here’s how an expanding fiber footprint will power America’s future.

Establish equity and opportunity in underserved communities
High-speed internet is so essential to the way we live, work and play that we can’t imagine a world without it. Remote working, learning, social media and streaming couldn’t be possible without a stable connection. But end users living in rural or underserved areas face a tremendous disadvantage: fast internet access is either unavailable or unaffordable. No matter what stands in the way of availability, you hold the key to bringing more reliable internet to customers and communities across the country—and to helping close the digital divide.

How? By building digital equity through a fiber-based network. This means everyone has equal access to:

  • High-speed connectivity regardless of location or other geographical circumstances
  • Resources and services that increase digital knowledge and skills
  • New internet technologies without needing to move away from communities they know and love

By taking advantage of an advanced, existing fiber network, you can better serve your end users with the access they need—the moment they need it.

Delivering a competitive advantage in a cost-effective way
Providers, businesses and end users need reliable access to high-speed internet to compete on a local and global scale. Your challenge is breaking down barriers and providing more network availability for your customers. But how can you quickly and reasonably meet these growing demands in sparsely populated regions?

One of the toughest roadblocks to bringing fiber-optic internet to rural communities is recouping building and installation costs. With significant expenses, low housing density and unpredictable return on investment, providers must expand their footprint without expanding their network.

That’s why wholesale partners with a deep network reach lay fiber: so service providers and retailers have more access to high-quality connectivity. By leasing and reselling to end users, you can overcome barriers to deployment, deliver the benefits of fiber to remote areas and stay competitive in today’s market.

See how our existing 180,000-mile network can help you broaden your customer base and service offerings without a significant investment.

Creating new opportunities for continuous growth
A Deloitte Consulting analysis estimates the US needs to invest $130 billion to $150 billion in fiber infrastructure over the next five to seven years to adequately support rural coverage, competition and wireless densification.2 That’s why our mission to extend availability and build gigabit America is imperative for improving innovation and technological growth.

Frontier’s long-term fiber buildout plans to pass 10 million locations by the end of 2025. For providers, fiber availability means more business growth and faster time to market. For end users, high-speed connectivity means equal access no matter the location or cost.

Together, we’ll play a critical role in closing America’s digital equity gaps: one connection at a time.

Future-proof your network with a growing fiber footprint
More fiber availability empowers businesses and end users everywhere to grow, adapt and deliver better experiences. Choose a partner who’s invested in ubiquitous connectivity, limitless opportunity and equal access for all.

Extend connectivity to new customers and communities with a deep fiber network. Get in touch with a Frontier Wholesale specialist today.