Headlines with a Hacker – March 2017 Edition

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In today’s episode, we’re digging into the latest tech headlines making a big impact – ranging from innovations that are changing the game, to major brands bringing back retro-inspired products. To help us make sense of these shifting tech trends, we’re turning to our favorite white hat hacker, gigabyte guru, and mainframe maverick: Bill Gardner.

Bill is a published author and Professor of Digital Forensic and Information Assurance at Marshall University – and our resident tech news expert. Join Bill and host Skip Lineberg as they discuss the information security and business point-of-views of each tech story to give your business a competitive edge.

References and Resources

Apple Producing Two Reality Shows

IBM Announces Watson for Cyber Security

IBM and Weather Channel Weather Emergency App

Nokia 3310 Comeback

Smart TVs Eavesdropping on Owners

LG Smart TV News Story

Vizio Smart TV News Story

Video: Keurig Hacked Into a Robotic Arm

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