Data and Voice for Ultimate Client Communication

Stewart Insurance Agency Logo.

Listen to what Darrell Stewart, owner of The Stewart Insurance Agency has to say about his business and the critical role Frontier plays in it.

The Stewart Insurance Agency is an independent agency that was started in 2011. Commercial insurance, home owners, autos, motorcycles, personal umbrella. We also developed some niche businesses here when we first opened up, and that includes winery insurance, distillery insurance, brewery insurance.

Frontier is the nervous system of our business. The design element that we put in and the individual office structure that we have here needed specific cabling design and when we built this space out, every step along the way they were here to check on our progress and more importantly to make sure the lines that they had put in were secure enough.

Without the support we get from Frontier for our data and for our voice, we are absolutely unable to efficiently communicate to our clients. So Frontier provides a very, very secure data stream, data support and voice support for us to allow us to accomplish that. That’s why we went with Frontier. And we continue that relationship today.

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