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Hotel Phone Systems and Hotel Internet Services

Frontier offers advanced technological solutions that can help you lower costs, improve internal communications, and increase customer engagement—all while you focus on the needs of your guests.

Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Managed, hosted and premised-based options for Wi-Fi provided by key leaders in the wired and wireless access industry.
  • We offer convenient and cost-effective ways for your agency to implement wireless connectivity.
  • Gain multiple access options available to meet security requirements and per-user download speeds customized to your specifications. 
  • We can create a customized network with guaranteed bandwidth that keeps your network strong and fast.
Voice & Equipment Solutions
  • Have your communication services on one network and you will eliminate the capital and resources needed to maintain multiple networks.
  • Partnerships with industry-leading equipment manufacturers and specialty services providers.
  • A wide range of maintenance programs to fit your needs and budget that keep lines of communication open between you and your customer.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, power outage or other disruption to your buildings, the Auto Attendant will manage your calls for you.
Data Networking Solutions
  • Engineered lines configured for performance to limit noise and environmental factors.
  • Secure, private networks for sensitive data transfers between servers and multiple locations.
  • Well-planned and coordinated migration from other carriers with minimal downtime.
  • Commercial grade network with a coast-to-coast data backbone installed by our highly skilled network architects.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

We offer advanced technological solutions that can help you lower costs, improve internal communications, and increase customer engagement—all while you focus on the needs of your guests. Plus, with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, reliable connection speeds, and 24/7/365 customer service, you will have everything you need to not only increase revenue, but also boost customer satisfaction.

A Focus on Hospitality

The future is now. For those working in the hospitality industry, this particular adage couldn't be more relevant. Technology has quickly become the driving force in a market dominated by tech-savvy Millennials (ages 18–34) looking to invest in new life experiences; and your success is determined by your ability to embrace new apps and services that cater to the needs and personalities of this particular demographic. Mobile check-in, bill pay, and booking are no longer deluxe conveniences—they're basic necessities. You need a hotel Internet service and hotel phone system that puts you ahead of the curve. Frontier understands this philosophy and is dedicated to helping hotels and other housing establishments integrate these processes into their daily operations.


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Our cloud-based and premise-based VoIP technology can help your business maximize efficiencies and reduce costs by routing voice calls over an IP network. Voice over IP (VoIP) service saves your business money on local and long-distance calling while allowing you to enjoy advanced calling features including call waiting, call transfer and speed dialing.

Long Distance

Frontier offers reliable, high-quality long-distance service that can help you stay connected to your customers and employees. With a full suite of cost-effective calling plans, you can choose from domestic long distance, international and toll-free services.

Video Surveillance

Enhance your business security with an integrated platform of IoT components including video surveillance devices, environmental sensors, access control solutions, asset monitoring, and other interconnected devices. The solution also offers add on functionality for data storage within your facility and cloud storage.


An out-of-the-box solution to connect employees, streamline data access, and help secure your business network from a single provider.

Audio & Web Conferencing

Frontier Audio and Web Conferencing is designed to help you instantly connect with customers, business partners, and remote employees. You'll have the freedom to conduct meetings on-demand and reduce travel costs, and there are no time limits.

Business Ethernet

Our commercial Ethernet services: EPL, EVPL, EP-LAN and EVP-LAN are MEF CE2.0 certified, the highest industry-standard for carrier data services. These services are provided with robust operational and performance guarantees at competitive pricing and comprehensive life cycle support. Our Ethernet is provided over carrier grade Advanced Fiber networks and integrated over a coast-to-coast data backbone.


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