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Solutions for Health Care

Today's health care professionals face a number of challenges. As their focus is to provide the best patient care possible, they also work to reduce costs and share information quickly, reliably, and securely. Frontier provides affordable, advanced telecommunications solutions that can help maximize productivity while improving patient outcomes. We can support your health care facility's needs in a variety of ways:

Security and compliance In accordance with HIPAA regulations, Frontier's secure Ethernet Internet Access (EIA) ensures that electronic health records (EHRs) are kept safe and secure.
Communication and efficiency The use of telemedicine is expanding, which contributes to more efficient and cost-effective patient care. Frontier's Ethernet-based solutions support high-bandwidth applications, including files that contain electronic health records (EHRs), X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds.
Comfort and well-being Health care providers are increasingly using mobile medical devices for convenience and efficiency. With Frontier Wi-Fi services, medical professionals are able to more effectively monitor patients—both inside and outside of the facility.


Expand Connectivity

Health care providers (HCPs) depend on Frontier to help them stay connected to other medical professionals and patients. We offer advanced telecommunications and data solutions that can help organizations lower costs, streamline processes, and expand connectivity. We provide the network, equipment, managed services, and purchase/lease options to meet your agency's needs, as well as your budget. When you partner with us you'll benefit from thorough explanations and demonstrations about how our products and services work to support your technology needs.


Innovative Solutions for Assisted Living

Our solutions for assisted living communities are designed to help provide high-quality care for residents. We are committed to helping ensure their safety while maintaining the facility's reputation, controlling costs, and maximizing revenue. We offer the following:

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Integrated Solutions

An integrated nurse call solution with perimeter access and wandering control. Wireless fall detection and water sensors are also available

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Quick Communication

State and locally mandated emergency features such as E9-1-1, text-based alerts, and quick communication and escalation options

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Connect Anywhere

Mobile applications that enable staff to care for and monitor the needs and safety of residents while they are both inside and outside the assisted living facility

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Social Connections

Premise-based, cloud-hosted video conferencing solutions allow residents to easily connect with family and friends, helping them maintain social and emotional connections

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Automatic Backup

Resiliency feature and battery backup capabilities to support the 24/7/365 living environment in the event of a server or network outage

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Reliable Partners

Contact center functionality to ensure efficient handling of inquiries from residents, their families, health care providers, and service provider partners


Collaboration Products

Choose products that allow your staff to be at ease.

Managed IP VPN

Frontier offers a reliable Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN)—at an affordable price—designed to support location-to-location connectivity and to protect customers' private data.


Our cloud-based and premise-based VoIP technology can help your business maximize efficiencies and reduce costs by routing voice calls over an IP network. Voice over IP (VoIP) service saves your business money on local and long-distance calling while allowing you to enjoy advanced calling features including call waiting, call transfer and speed dialing.

Audio & Web Conferencing

Frontier Audio and Web Conferencing is designed to help you instantly connect with customers, business partners, and remote employees. You'll have the freedom to conduct meetings on-demand and reduce travel costs, and there are no time limits.


An out-of-the-box solution to connect employees, streamline data access, and help secure your business network from a single provider.

Video Surveillance

Enhance your business security with an integrated platform of IoT components including video surveillance devices, environmental sensors, access control solutions, asset monitoring, and other interconnected devices. The solution also offers add on functionality for data storage within your facility and cloud storage.

Simply Wi-Fi Secure


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