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Frontier Connect Cloud for your private business pathway

The journey to the cloud is as important as the destination. Access and transfer your enterprise data through Frontier's cloud connect services and cloud connected devices.

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The need to protect your data from potential threats is real. Is your cloud connection up to the task?

There’s the constant need for speed. Ever-changing compliance like PCI, SOX and HIPAA. And while you may think a public connection saves you money, that’s not necessarily the case. 


Protecting your data

Security is paramount—for customers, for employees, for your enterprise at large.


Remaining the priority

When your customers and employees rely on you, slow access to data won’t cut it.


No time for downtime

No one has time for slow backups, timeouts when accessing apps or system downtime—least of all you.

Connect Cloud - Digital Highway

Connect Cloud for your private pathway

Whether you’re managing applications, tracking analytics or keeping your business running without interruption, there are many reasons why you need better cloud connectivity. With Frontier Connect Cloud, you’ll get a dedicated line through Equinox to any one of 170 cloud service providers. So you have a flexible approach that suits your budget and growth strategy. And you’re in charge of how and where your connections happen. 

We partner with cloud enterprise providers who support the most adaptable cloud ecosystem. So wherever you are, your data is there, too.

By 2023, more than 50%* of large organizations will connect to cloud providers using direct cloud connectivity from their WANs.

Frontier Connect Cloud is how you provide better service and faster access while staying ahead of the curve. And isn’t that where you belong?

Enterprise Managed WLAN Benefit

Blaze your trail with the largest cloud enterprise solution

The Difference
Future-proof your business Our highly secure, reliable connection to your cloud applications, combined with the freedom to reach 170 cloud service providers, gives you the ultimate flexibility for today and tomorrow—with Frontier supporting you every step of the way.
Enterprise cloud backup when and where it counts  Upload, download, back up in real time with minimal latency or lag time. Your 99.99% SLA guarantees high speed and high performance, wherever you need it most.
Your data, your way Bypass the congestion of the public internet with a dedicated, faster, reliable and secure connection to your cloud.
Complete visibility Monitor all of your cloud providers through a single web interface that’s delivered over a software-defined switching fabric and ready to quickly scale as your business grows.

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Cloud FAQs

To build an enterprise cloud service architecture, you need an EVPL circuit. Your cloud service will be priced based on your bandwidth.