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Protect Critical Data With Our Managed IT Services

Utilizing our Managed IT services lets you stay focused on your core business needs while our staff of specialists deals with the complexities of IT management.

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Security Focused

Technology to strengthen your defenses and shield your organization

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Optimize performance

Prevent your IT team from wasting time on routine network maintenance tasks. Frontier’s fully managed solution can optimize your wireless LAN performance—and productivity.

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Cloud-Based Solution

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Expand Your Business

With Frontier Managed IT Services, you'll save money on overhead, enjoy access to more reliable equipment and software, be prepared for adverse events, and have more time to grow other parts of your business. We offer software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and business continuity as a service–giving you plenty of options to expand your growing business.


Use Our Managed Services to Help Your Business Grow

We offer Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Business Continuity as a Service–giving you plenty of options to expand your growing business. Read below to see which of these managed services is right for your business. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) SaaS from Frontier Business saves you time and money on software by hosting standard software solutions off-site in secure locations.

How It Works:

Standard software is housed off-site in secure locations that we provide 

Software is then accessed by your company using standard web browsers 

Standard Software

  • Intuit QuickBooks®
  • Microsoft Office®
  • Customer-specific applications 
  • and more

What You Get:

  • Less overhead
  • Remote access
  • Integration and scalability
  • Seamless upgrades
  • Guaranteed levels of service
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Reduce total cost of ownership through virtualization. With IaaS from Frontier Business, you get scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand.

How It Works:

We virtualize non-standard software applications and data storage solutions

Services are then housed in secure locations we will provide

Services are accessed from standard web browsers by your company

Why IaaS?

  • Temporary workloads
  • Experimental software applications
  • Ever-evolving projects
  • Emergency backup needs

What You Get:

  • Less overhead
  • Virtualization
  • Remote access
  • Cloud storage
Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) BCaaS from Frontier allows you to securely manage all of your backup and monitoring needs, giving you peace of mind.

How It Works:

Frontier software is installed on your existing server or a Frontier server.

Critical data is then backed up off-site at two separate data centers.

All backup data is then encrypted and made available using your key code.

Compliance and historical data are then archived onto secure, external drives.

Your current Internet connection or a point-to-point data connection is then used to manage backups.

What You Get:

  • Less overhead
  • Backup
  • Replication
  • Co-location
  • Site recovery facilities
  • Remote monitoring


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