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Walter Clark Legal Group Grows Its Reach with Frontier DIA

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Customer Profile
Walter Clark Legal Group specializes in personal injury lawsuits, including auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, employment harassment and more. With six locations in Southern California, Walter Clark serves 13 California High and Low Desert communities, including Coachella Valley, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Victorville and El Centro. Its attorneys have recovered over $200 million for clients, and the practice has a 95%+ success rate in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Customer Challenges
As a high-performing law practice, Walter Clark needed to transition to the cloud to maximize connectivity, application access and network performance across its six locations. And that meant going virtual.

“When I started in 2016, my focus was to go paperless,” Walter Clark Chief Strategy Officer Joe Price says. “But we were working from T1 circuits that had been bridged together and crawled around 3 Mbps. There was no way we could go virtual in that environment.”

Before Frontier, Walter Clark hosted its case management and file system on-premises, forcing users at its six offices to access it via a VPN tunnel with spotty connectivity. “With our previous provider, our connectivity was awful," Joe says. "We have over two thousand active clients and a 20% growth goal every year. That setup just wasn’t cutting it.”

In addition, Walter Clark was looking to expand its law practice-focused call center, which would need reliable dedicated connectivity to grow. “Without reliable, dedicated fiber, I couldn’t have the VoIP and cloud-based services I needed," Joe says. But I knew it was pivotable."

Frontier’s Solution: DIA + Fiber + SD-WAN
Joe wanted a single service provider for all offices to streamline implementation and issue resolution.

He teamed up with Frontier Account Representative Robert Chamberlain Jr. to come up with a solution that included Direct Internet Access (DIA) circuits over Frontier’s fiber network and SD-WAN for Walter Clark’s main office and five of the six other offices.

“I loved the working relationship with Robert," Joe says. "I can call him day or night, even on weekends. I appreciate that. I’m also someone who needs to have direct contact with people. I’ve been spoiled—I can’t stand having to call an 800-number when I have an office that’s down. Frontier has been very good to me in that regard.”

Customer Results
Today, Joe has transitioned to a new cloud-based case management system that includes a portal where clients can log in with their mobile phone to upload documents, send messages and check their case calendar—a solution that demands reliable bandwidth.

“Everything we do needs a solid internet connection. And the more we staff up our remote offices, the more we depend on it," Joe says. "If connectivity goes down out there, I’ve got 75 people at a standstill. I’m dedicated to Frontier because their fiber technology is superior to most anyone else out here. Since we switched to Frontier, we’ve had zero connectivity issues in our remote offices.”

The pandemic has also impacted Joe’s strategy. “COVID taught us we needed to be flexible, we need to allow for remote work and we need backups in our technology system,” he says. Now with better connectivity, he’s designing a new telecommute policy for employees preferring to work remotely and plans to build in network redundancy with a combination of on-premises and cloud backup. Frontier SD-WAN, which is currently being implemented, will allow Joe to more easily monitor and manage network traffic and provide more connectivity options for remote users.

In addition, the organization purchased a new building to spin off the call center into its own organization, serving Walter Clark and other law practices.

“Walter Clark is a superior law firm that needs superior technology, and Frontier has a superior product,” Joe says. “Both sides appreciate each other and can grow together.”

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