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Ethernet Vertical Case Study - Professional Services

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Every day the professional services industry handles vast amounts of sensitive financial data. That’s why organizations need secure and reliable connectivity to keep day-to-day operations securely in motion.

Transforming Professional Services with Frontier Private Ethernet

Today, legal, accounting, marketing and advertising firms are implementing advanced networking solutions like Ethernet technology to help ensure confidential client interactions, transactions and data access with fast, secure connectivity.

Frontier Ethernet solutions delivers a private, secure network separate from the public Internet. This eliminates performance problems associated with other technologies and shared bandwidth, ensuring financial professionals have the connectivity they need so they can:

  • Ensure personal and financial information stays protected and confidential.
  • Get fast and highly reliable access to bandwidth-heavy applications and professional tools.
  • Conduct secure, high volume financial transactions while maintaining compliance with laws and regulations.

Choose the right Ethernet solution for you

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  • EPL (Ethernet Private Line) provides point-to-point connection between two locations (such as an organization’s headquarters and a datacenter).
  • EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) a hub-and-spoke topology where a central site acts as a hub to other locations (such as remote financial offices) that are spokes.
  • E-LAN an any-to-any topology connecting multiple locations to each other, ensuring widescale access to client data and financial applications while maintaining security and privacy.